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ZR Auto Calgary Services

Performance tuning can improve your vehicle’s performance significantly. This can be done in several ways. Although most of the time, we set improvements to the overall vehicle’s electronics and chip information, there is mechanical tuning that can be done as well. For example, we can make small adjustments to your vehicle’s exhaust. Our specialists at ZR auto have many years of experience tuning exotic vehicles and getting your vehicle to perform at the highest level possible whether it is improving gas mileage or your car’s horsepower.


Ceramic Pro has quickly become one of the industry’s most protective coating products, and we’re proud to offer it to clients from all over Western Canada. Our Ceramic Pro package options are competitively priced in order to supply our customers with their desired level of protection, without breaking the bank. Ceramic Pro comes fully-warrantied and is the only ceramic coating product recognized by CarProof.

Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When applied to your vehicle’s surface this technology transforms itself to a permeant, ridged, flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro provides an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties. ZR Auto offers six different packages for Ceramic Pro applications. These packages range from Ceramic Pro Gold, Ceramic Pro Silver, Ceramic Pro Bronze, Ceramic Pro Sport, Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper, and lastly Ceramic Pro PPF & Viny. Click on any of the links for additional information!

Clear Bra is one of the most popular applications for paint protection. If you are looking for a highly protective solution for your vehicle, clear bra is a great option that will meet all of your requirements! Paint Protection Film (PPF) is one of many solutions to prevent rocks from chipping your paint’s surface. ZR Auto has four clear bra options available: Standard Package, Mid Package, Full Frontal Package, and Full Car Package. Clear Bra is an extremely durable, colorless film that protects your car’s paint from rocks, road debris, discolouration, fading and more. PPF keeps your vehicle looking brand new for longer, without compromising vehicle’s paint.

Protect your investment!

ZR Auto detailing services include top of the line detailing products that restore the shine to your vehicle’s exterior, along with leaving your interior fresh and clean. We value our customer’s time, therefore, we complete most of our auto detailing services within a few short hours. We offer services ranging from auto re-conditioning to swirl-mark removal, exterior hand waxing & more! Everyone loves that feeling of a clean car. Here at ZR Auto, our detailing services strive to use products that help maintain that shine. ZR Auto detailing technicians are highly trained and fully equipped with the most advanced tools, equipment, chemicals, and supplies providing the best auto detailing services for your vehicle.

Window tinting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve the look and comfort of your vehicle, as well as making the windshield glass safer. Automotive window tinting is one of the most popular upgrades new car owners seek, and it’s pretty inexpensive to install. At ZR Auto we offer ceramic and carbon tint options. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our installations and can guarantee that you’ll love your newly tinted windows. This warranty includes fixing any issues that arise, free of charge.

ZR Auto’s window tinting process provides interior protection from the sun’s destructive rays by creating a permanent barrier between your vehicle’s interior and the outside world ultimately preventing fading and cracking.


Vinyl wrapping your car is the best way to change the way it looks without altering your vehicle’s paint. We can do a complete car or unique parts of your vehicle like adding carbon fiber to the roof or panels. We can also customize your vehicle with designs that compliment your car’s look such as racing stripes or adding decals and logos. Vinyl wraps are also a great way to promote your vehicle whether it is for your company, a race or even an auto show. Call us today to give your vehicle a complete makeover with our vinyl wraps.