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Window Tinting Installation


Having a window tinting business in Calgary is not an easy thing to do. ZR Auto is proud to have remained as a constant in this industry when many have come and gone. There are several functions and benefits window tinting has on your car besides just adding outside aesthetics to your vehicle. The three main benefits of tinting your windows include privacy, heat protection, and adding style to your car. If you live in Calgary, you are very familiar with how it gets in the summer. This application of film minimizes the stressors from the weather and lets you roll in style while you do so. Window tinting protects the interior of your vehicle as well as the exterior from harsh elements from the outside world. We use Suntek Carbon and Suntek Ceramic tinting products that come with a lifetime warranty.

Window Tinting Calgary

At ZR Auto we use both high ceramic and carbon films that include a lifetime warranty covering both the fills as well as the installation. All of our tint packages are priced at a flat rate, and our options range from limo tint (darkest available) to 45% (lightest available). In between our limo and 45% packages, we offer 18%, 25% and 35% tint packages. We believe that these options offered will meet all of our client’s needs with suitable options for any vehicle regardless of the make or model!

Protect your investment!

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Added Protection of Interior
  • Added Protection for Occupants of Vehicles
  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays
  • Rejects Heat and UV Rays

Featured Product:  Suntek Ceramic Tint

  • Non-Reflective Tint
  • Non-Metal: Won’t Block Cell, Satellite or Radio Signals
  • Protection from Heat and UV Rays
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty and Installer Warranty