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Valentine 1 Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors At ZR Auto


It’s funny how similar today’s Valentine 1 radar detectors look to the original model!

That’s because Valentine 1 doesn’t do model changes. No planned obsolescence here. Instead, they put all of their new developments into V1 as soon as they can. That way of doing business is called “Continuous Improvement.”

All new components inside. Over the years, the engineers have made 26 major performance revs inside V1. In effect, they’ve changed everything. We want our ZR Auto customers to get the very best in radar and laser defense, which is why we have used Vanentine 1 since day 1.

The newest advancement is called Junk-K Fighter. It’s a software algorithm that recognizes unthreatening K-band alerts and preemptively excludes them. You won’t hear a thing.

OUR PRICE: $729.00 CAD