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Avoid flat spots on your tires this winter with tire cradles at ZR Auto. The longer your car sits on cold concrete, the more likely your tires are to develop temporary or permanent flat spots. The reasons that tires develop flat spots are basically a function of pressure, temperature and time. Flat-spotting is either temporary, in that the tire will round out with driving, or permanent, which effects the belting and casing of the tire. These permanent flat spots effectively ruin the tire. The usage of tire cradles will prevent this from occurring.

Parking tires designed for warm temperatures on a cold surface will almost guarantee damage to the rubber, which is why tire cradles are effective. They create a barrier between the tires and the concrete, allowing an equalization of pressure and temperature.


ZR Auto is an authorized Canadian distributor of the tire cradle products, protecting your valuable high-performance or summer tires from degrading while your vehicle sits for the winter. We’ve partnered directly with the manufacturer to provide you with the products exclusively.

We use tire cradles in our shop year-round to protect our customers’ tires from any wear or degradation while the vehicles are in our shop.

It is recommended to use tire cradles year-round when your vehicle is sitting for long periods of time. Their use is not limited to the colder months of the year. Temperature fluctuations between concrete and rubber in general can cause damage, leading to replacing your tires a lot sooner than you should need to.

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