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ZR Auto is the Alberta dealer/installer for Kahn Design design and body accessories for Land Rover vehicles. ZR Auto is the exclusive Canadian partner of Kahn Design, whose mandate is to take the best that exists and refine it.

Kahn Design is the original British automotive fashion house – designing and styling bespoke Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they’re well-placed to advise on all aspects of vehicle personalisation. Each of Kahn Design’s vehicle packages is tailored to the precise specification of the customer, from the exterior styling to the luxury interior, and designed to maximise comfort and quality.

Unlike other companies in the market, Kahn Design has a designer and innovator at the helm, in the form of Afzal Kahn, the founder and creative director. Kahn is a hands -n leader, personally involved in each product release and imparting his passion for every aspect of vehicle design into each new project. This drive for perfection is what positions them at the forefront of automotive fashion, setting trends rather than following them.

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Using only the highest quality materials, from carbon fibre components, to the finest leather upholstery, to iconic British fabrics such as Harris Tweed, every alteration we make to the original is a carefully considered decision. With each project we undertake, we aim to create a modern classic, a collectable piece which will appreciate in value over time. Kahn Design is committed to investing in British industry and innovation, and each of their bespoke vehicles is designed, tested and converted in the U.K., giving them the ability to directly oversee each step in the production process – and guarantee the quality. At ZR Auto, we are now offering the Kahn Design product line and services to the Canadian market.