ZR Auto is the Exclusive Licensed Sales & Installation Facility in Calgary for the World's Finest Feynlab Self-Healing Ceramic Surface Coatings!

FEYNLAB ™ is the best self-healing ceramic coating product available. It is highly durable and effective at protecting your paint. FEYNLAB ™ was originally created to reduce and eliminate light scratching and swirl marks altogether. This product combines the protection that comes from ceramic coating with self-healing technology in order to create a highly protective coating.

Self-Healing Hydroscopic Finish

Say goodbye to annoying swirl marks and light scratches as you watch them disappear before your eyes with a little heat from the summer sun. Watch water slide right off the surface without getting it wet!

Permanent Protection

Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, the FEYNLAB® nano ceramic resin permanently bonds with the paint keeping it looking new for years. Now with a 7 Year Warranty!- Please give us a call for more details!

UV Protection

Utilizing smart nano technology, FEYNLAB® ensures UV rays scatter from the surface of of your automotive finishes, reducing unwanted fading of paint and drying of leathers and plastics.

Chemical Resistance

Acid rain, bird droppings, automatic car wash chemicals, exhaust gases, insects and other environmental contaminants are no match for the FEYNLAB® Ceramic finish.

Oxidation/Corrosion Resistance

FEYNLAB® penetrates deep into the micro pores of your vehicle’s finishes, stopping corrosion & oxidation before it ever starts.

Glossy Finish

FEYNLAB’s proprietary ceramic resin provides a depth of shine and gloss unlike any other product on the market.

Easy Maintenance

The ceramic topcoat prevents staining and environmental contaminants from attaching to your vehicle, making clean-up and maintenance as easy as a simple wash or rinse off. 

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Review the available Feynlab Application packages:
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