Having a window tinting business in Calgary is not an easy thing to do. ZR Auto is proud to have remained as a constant in this industry when many have come and gone. There are several functions and benefits window tinting has on your car besides just adding outside aesthetics to your vehicle. The three main benefits of tinting your windows include privacy, heat protection, and adding style to your car. Unlike others, at ZR Auto we have shaved edges and a life-time warranty on both tint products and installations!

If you live in Calgary, you are very familiar with how it gets in the summer. This application of film minimizes the stressors from the weather and lets you roll in style while you do so. Window tinting protects the interior of your vehicle as well as the exterior from harsh elements from the outside world.

We use Suntek Carbon and Suntek Ceramic tinting products that come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Each film option is different in it’s own right, offering different levels of variable light transition, UV, IR and heat rejection. We'd be happy to discuss the differences with you.

Choose from Carbon 45% - %5 or Creramic 70%-5%. Both films block 99% of harmful UV rays. All of our window tint film installations are custom cut and installed with a streak-free, bubble-less finish and perfect fit! We also offer a flat installation rate for all of our tint packages. 


Review our available Window Tint Options:
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