Clear Bra, also known as, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear, strong urethane film that is applied to vehicles to protect the exterior from surface damage. This film is the best form of defense against rocks, road debris, salt, insects, and UV rays.

ZR Auto use only top quality films that are self healing. This eliminates swirls and scratches and they are also top coated to increase stain resistance and product longevity. It limits water and dirt accumulation on the film's surface.

Generally speaking, ZR Auto recommends that a clear bra be applied to high impact areas of the vehicle at a minimum. These areas include the bumper, mirrors, headlights and hood. However, clear bra can be applied to the entire vehicle.

It doesn't matter what make, model or year your vehicle is we can provide you with the perfect fit, ensuring your vehicle looks newer longer.

At ZR Auto we offer Xpel and SunTek paint protection products at the same pricepoints.

There is a 10 year manufacturer warranty on both Suntek and Xpel Paint Protection Film. 


Review our available PPF options:
Basic Package Premium Package  |  Full Front End Package  |  Full Coverage Package  |  Stealth Satin FInish Package  |  Old Film Removal

 PPF Truck Pricing Download:

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 PPF Car/Small SUV Pricing Download:

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