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Protect your windshield from stray rocks and debris

What is Clearplex?

Clearplex® is a multi-layer transparent film that adheres to the windshield. It is designed to cushion impacts that can damage unprotected glass, leaving only a minimal pin-point on the film and no damage to the glass. Clearplex® is scratch-resistant and stands up to everything from windshield wiper impact to highway sandblasting and rock chips. 

Does Clearplex® obstruct visibility?

Clearplex® does not obstruct or distort visibility in any way. In fact, its UV stabilizers also decrease the amount of heat accumulation in your vehicle, its polarized finish helps to reduce glare, and it is guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack or yellow. 

Why Clearplex®?

In Calgary, rock chips and road debris are very common, especially in the winter months. A single rock chip can transform your immaculate windshield into one with cracks, large chips and other unsightly damage - all of which can limit the effectiveness of the windshield when it comes to protecting your life and your property.

Clearplex® protection film will ensure that your day is not ruined by rocks, and also keep your windshield free from damage.

what does zr auto do differently?

At ZR Auto, we carefully apply the Clearplex® protection film to the windshield and scale the film to fit the glass. Other shops in the city might use a generic template that isn't right for your windshield. As a result, the entire glass surface isn't fully covered, and the film can peel away after a few months. We remove all trim pieces from around the windshield and apply the film right to the edges of the glass for a proper fit, then install the trim pieces back on, leaving no seams behind. With our installation techiniqes and trained installers, your windshield is completely safe from rock chips, dust, debris and wind.


Clearplex Windshield Protection

Clearplex Windshield Protection Calgary

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