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Clearplex Calgary


Clearplex is a transparent film composed of multiple layers that when applied to the exterior of the windshield, softens the impact from objects hitting the surface. It protects your glass from rocks that come into contact with your windshield at high speeds ultimately preventing any glass breakage. It can be thought of as a cushion for your windshield from the harsh roads that we are accustomed to driving in Calgary. If something hits your windshield, a tiny pin sized mark appears on the film, leaving the glass itself undamaged. Clearplex not only protects your windshield from harsh elements of the road, but also reduces glares, and is guaranteed to not yellow, crack, bubble or peel.

Benefits of Coating Your Windshield

  • Hydrophobic Finish Repels Water and Other Liquids
  • Protects Glass from Rocks and Road Debris
  • Extends the Longevity of Your Windshield
  • Easy to Clean: Dirt, Debris and Grime are Easily Removed
  • Transparent UV Protected Finish
  • Packages start at $499
The best way to protect your investment!