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New Porsche 991 Turbo Tuning Solution from Fabspeed Motorsports

ZR Auto is pleased to announce Fabspeed’s newest engine tuning package for Porsche 991 models.

The tune improves horsepower, torque, and driving characteristics with the only tuning solution on the market

that reliably harnesses the full potential of the Porsche 991 Turbo powerplant! Couple this with Fabspeed’s

performance exhaust system for gains of over 95 horsepower and 90 ft-lbs of torque!

991 Turbo Peak Power Specs:

  • Stock = 568hp @ 4400 RPM
  • Tuned = 639hp @ 3770 RPM

Contact ZR Auto today for a quote and we’ll get your Porsche 991 up to speed with the latest in Fabspeed tuning products.