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Introducing the ProDB Photo Radar Blocker

No more waiting for tickets in the mail with the revolutionary ProDB photo radar blocker. This new device is installed above the license plate and produces a counter-flash when triggered by a red light camera. The result is a completely obstructed license plate.

What makes it even better is that the photo radar blocker is completely legal to own install on your car. Not only will you no longer receive speeding tickets at monitored intersections, but the device cannot be confiscated by the police.

Having installed the photo radar blocker on our own shop vehicles as a uality assuance measure, we can verify that the device truly does work.

The photo radar blcoker costs $399 plus installation, which varies depending on the complexity of the install.

Protect yourself from red-light camera and speeding tickets today! ZR Auto is a certified distributor and installer of the ProDB photo radar blocker.