Ultimate Armor By Ceramic Pro is Permanent Paint Protection For The Life Of Your Vehicle

The Ultimate Armor Package is the ONLY Full Vehicle Appearance package with a LIFETIME Warranty! Offering a lifetime of protection against rock chips, road debris, oxidation, staining, & fading. Available Only at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Locations. 

The Ultimate Protection For Your Vehicle.
Available ONLY At Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Locations.

• Full Front Coverage in Paint Protection Film ( Hood, Front Bumper, Fenders, & Mirrors).

• Full Vehicle Exterior Ceramic Coating.

• Lifetime Warranty On All Exterior Surfaces - Paint, Wheels, and Glass.

• Protection Against Rock Chips, Scratches, Road Debris, Oxidation, Staining, and Fading.

• Carfax Appearance Protection Service Reporting.

• The Ultimate Armor is the ONLY full vehicle appearance package with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
• Get a LIFETIME WARRANTY on every exterior surface of your vehicle. Paint, Wheels, and Glass.

• The Ultimate Armor Package is only available and warrantied at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.

Lifetime Paint Protection Film and Lifetime Ceramic Coating

The best ceramic coating and the best PPF combined together for the ultimate protection for your vehicle. The paint protection film will provide protection from rock chips, scratches, and bug damage on the areas of your car that are most susceptible to that type of damage (Hood, Front Bumper, Fenders, and Mirrors). The rest of your car is coated with our thickest, most scratch resistant ceramic coating to protect it from tree sap, chemical stains, scratches, oxidation, and fading. There is no more complete protection available for your cars exterior than the Ultimate Armor Package by Ceramic Pro!

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