Ceramic Pro is a new, state-of-the-art, ceramic paint coating for several different surfaces. Ceramic Pro is the leader in the industry and has proven to be an absolute x-factor in the auto-detailing sector. There are several different  products that can be applied to virtually any surface on your home, car or boat and the professionals at ZR Auto are here to assist and install the products. The original, and flagship product of Ceramic Pro is called 9H. Ceramic Pro 9H is a highly durable, heavy-duty permanent protective coating. The Ceramic Pro 9H has a high gloss and hydrophobic finish that allows water and exterior liquids to bead off of the surface for an incredibly easy clean once the product has been applied.

In addition to the hydrophobic qualities and capabilities of Ceramic Pro the product also protects the paint from scratching, insect acids, rock chips and bird droppings along with additional debris caused from road salt, dirt, tree sap and snow accumulation from the extreme elements we are all too familiar with in Calgary. The Ceramic Pro product line is not only a paint protector, but also allows the user of the product to easily clean their vehicle after the product has been applied. It is incredibly easy and time efficient to wipe grime and dirt off of the surface, making excessive scrubbing and rubbing a thing of the past!

The Ceramic Pro lineup also includes Ceramic Pro Rain (hydrophobic coating for windshields and windows), Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper (protection for calipers and wheels), Ceramic Pro Light (durable, protective coating), Ceramic Pro Sport (glossy, hydrophobic coating) and lastly, Ceramic Pro Leather and Ceramic Pro Textile for interior protection. Whether you’re interested in an entry level package or looking for a  permanent protection with a lifetime warranty, there’s a Ceramic Pro package for you! Call ZR Auto Calgary today for a quote and/or additional information.

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