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Choose from Express, Interior or Complete

Consisting of a good cleaning in and out, we begin with a thorough wash, ensuring the tires, wheels, wheel wells, and door jams are spotless. We follow that up by vacuuming the interior and trunk, cleaning the windows, and dressing your tires.

This package includes everything in the Express Clean, as well as: A complete shampoo/cleaning of the carpets, floor mats, seats and trunk. We also clean all the leather and vinyl, ensuring to remove all dust, dirt, and debris from vents, cracks, and grooves throughout the interior. To complete this clean, the leather and vinyl is conditioned.

This is one of our most popular packages. It includes everything in the interior detail, and the following: We begin by detailing the engine compartment and dressing the hoses and panels to bring it to better than new condition. Before we apply the Zymol Hand Wax, we deoxidize the paint to ensure maximum clarity and depth to the paint. To finish it off, exhaust tips get polished (when applicable), and Zymol Wheel Coat is applied to the wheels to add shine and protection.

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Hand Wax
Add shine and protection to your paint
Zymol Hand Wax
Increase the depth and gloss in your paint with Zymol hand wax. Greater protection and shine than a hand wax. This includes Carbon, Creme, or Ital, whichever is best for your paint.
Zymol Vintage Estate Hand Wax
Vintage glaze is based on a custom formula developed for the 1947 Bentley Mark VI Cabriolet by Franay, winner of several "Best of Shows" in it's debut year on the Concours circuit, containing 61% Brazilian No. 1 White Carnauba by volume, the highest in any automotive finish protective product.
Remove pollutants and light oxidation from your paint. Ideal before applying wax.
Spot Polish
Remove one or two scratches, without polishing the whole vehicle.
Spray Wax
Give your paint some extra shine between waxes.
Interior Conditioning/Protection
Keep your interior vinyl and exterior trim protected and looking it's best.
Engine Detail
Complete the look by getting your engine compartment cleaned then dressed for a satin finish.
Depending on the amount of surface damage, we can quote your job if you drop by for an inspection.

Please contact ZR Auto to book your vehicle in for a detailing, or to discuss your requirements.

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