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Keep your car looking great and protect your investment

ZR Auto is proud to offer the finest auto detailing services available. Our staff are professionally trained in polishing, waxing and immaculate cleaning. Attention to detail is our number one priority.

Wheel Bands

ZR Auto now offer Wheel Bands - Rim protection and defence against curb rash. Please contact us for more information using the form below.

Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection film applications - featuring 3M™. - The World's best removeable paint protection films. In addition to detailing, we also offer the finest 3M protective paint films in transparent and colored vinyls. We can wrap your entire front end, your whole car, or select areas with computer cut packages or exacting hand cut patterns. Please contact us for a quote for your vehicle.


Detailing packages featuring Zymol™. - The World's Best Hand-Crafted Automotive detailing products. Zymol uses nutritive oils to replace the oils originally found in your car's finish without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Zymol products are safe for all paint finishes, including new clear-coats. Zymol Hand Crafted? waxes are created using the very highest grade of Brazilian No. 1 Yellow and rare NO. 1 White Carnauba. The Carnauba gives both greater protection and increased depth of shine compared with standard car care products.

Zymol are an enzyme mixture until they are applied to your car. With air as a catalyst, Zymol becomes "wax" and starts bonding to your car's surface and provides long-lasting protection. Zymol will not leave any white residue or build-up along seams or in crevices. Zymol uses a unique formulation of nutritive oils and rare Brazilian Carnauba, designed to protect your car while producing an ultra-brilliant, durable sheen.

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Zymol 3M Avery

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